The Vaccine Free Child

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A Community of Educated Parents

Connect to, collaborate with and support those who raise vaccine free children.

Perhaps one of the most important parts of going vaccine free and staying vaccine free is having others of like mind to talk with about this highly charged topic that can easily rip apart friends and family. Since most pediatricians cannot and should not be trusted since they ignore and dismiss the concerns of parents when children are damaged and killed by vaccines, having a safe place to communicate about being vaccine free is of paramount importance, which is why we have created a community. If you are new to going vaccine free, before connecting with our community, check out our Resources Page first and read through it, watch the videos, and order a few books. It should not take more than a half hour total and you’ll gain a lot of insight in a short amount of time. Then, feel free to join our communities, ask questions, and when you become a truly educated parent on this topic, give back and help other parents who are just starting out on this journey.

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The Vaccine Free Child
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