The Vaccine Free Child

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This website was born out of our fight to stop vaccine mandates which are increasing by the day. If we want to end medical tyranny we need to extol the benefits of raising a healthy, vaccine free child, which is the primary thrust of this website. But, in order for this project to work, it cannot live in a vacuum. Sharing this website with your friends, family, church groups, associations and especially with other parents and parenting groups can help everyone understand the numerous, numerous benefits to raising a vaccine free child. You can easily share any page on the entire website by simply clicking a share icon and saying something about that post or page, and you can also use the text and images below if you would like to have more options. Share in groups, share on your personal timeline, share everywhere. However, it is often best to wait at least one day between shares to reach the most number of people. Come back often to see if we added any new content to this page, and thank you for promoting this community-based project!


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If you are wondering why I am raising my child the all natural way, check out

More and more parents are raising children without vaccines because of how healthy it makes them. Find out why at

The Modern Parent dives deep into controversial topics, like vaccine free parenting. If you’ve wondered why many parents opt out of the vaccination agenda, check out

There’s nothing worse than raising a vaccine injured child. Except maybe the denial of vaccine injury. Is being vaccine free healthier? Find out at

Which vaccines are the absolute necessary ones for a child? Actually, none. Find out why at

So there’s “science,” and then there’s parent testimonials. Which is true? You decide:

Many parents say their vaccine free children are much healthier than their vaccinated children. But why is that? Find out at

Natural Immunity means the entire immune system has been activated through a normal infection process, but vaccination only activates a portion of the immune system. Is this wise? Find out at

Vaccination does not confer immunity and therefore booster shots are required. Yet, natural immunity creates lifelong or near lifelong immunity. What’s the difference? Lean more here:

Vaccination exhausts immune capacity which means vaccinated children often get sick more often and stay sick longer than vaccine free children. Is going vaccine free right for your child?

Parents have a million reasons to raise a vaccine free child and not one good reason to vaccinate. Find out why right here:

As a Modern Parent, is it your job to care for your child, or to light your child on fire to keep other children warm? You decide:

When we think of adding value to society, our top priority is to raise a vibrantly healthy, high functioning child into adulthood. Learn how here:

Are vaccine free children truly healthier? You decide:

What steps do you need to take to protect a vaccine free child from infections and possible harm? Glad you asked! Check out

If a vaccine free child gets a disease – an infection – what should you do? Learn right here:


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