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About The Vaccine Free Child

The Vaccine Free Child is community based website for parents, doctors, scientists, researchers, elected officials, grandparents and everyone who is interested in sharing how and why to raise a vaccine free child. The key feature of the website is it’s ability to allow anyone to submit a story directly to the website for publication so that our editors can review, edit and publish quickly and efficiently. Think of it as the HuffPost for the vaccine free movement. Website URL stories often perform better in social media than a simple post with similar content, and more importantly, can be easily re-shared many times into social media which is not so easy with a specific post in social media.

The Resources section of the website gives a quick overview of the most essential reasons why to go vaccine free with links to additional, highly valuable materials for review. The Community section is designed to help parents find each other, talk with each other, strategize with each other, make friends, and be more confident in their vaccine free decision. The Promotion area is designed to help all activists have the tools they need to share the website to reach more parents with this valuable vaccine free information.

Larry Cook, founder of Stop Mandatory Vaccination, created The Vaccine Free Child to be a volunteer based community project that not only includes this website, but also a  Facebook Page and Facebook Group, and a back-up MeWe Page and MeWe Group. Later, a Community social media system will be set up on the website as a 2nd back up considering the massive amount of censorship happening and the possibility of being shut down in social media. If we work together we have a greater opportunity to raise healthy children without vaccine injury and reverse the tide of vaccine mandates sweeping the planet. Your dedication, support and help is needed!

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers to help with this project. We need:

  • WordPress content editors (headline re-writes and light editing/punctuation cleanup)
  • Social media Group moderators
  • Social media Page content publishers (schedule posts on the Pages)

If you are interested in volunteering, please send Larry a message and share your experience, what you’d like to do, any relevant websites, and your Facebook profile URL. Thank you!

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