Mom Describes Her Healthy, Vaccine Free, Intelligent Daughter

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Mom Describes Her Healthy, Vaccine Free, Intelligent Daughter

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My daughter will be four years old this coming July.  Not only are we vegetarian, but vaccine free.  I put a lot of consideration as to how God wants me to care for our bodies, and what I should accept or reject, as I try to live up to my beliefs as far as I have knowledge. While researching vaccine information including ingredients and side effects I have come across testimony upon testimony; documentary upon documentary; and seemingly false claims upon false claims, that have all confirmed my belief not to vaccinate.

Being unvaccinated, from birth, and constantly on-the-go, my daughter has come in contact with all walks of life, and besides two seasonal sniffles in her three years of life, she is very healthy and has not caught any type of virus or infection regardless of who has had a contagious infection around us.  Everyone has informed me of how alert she was as a baby, and how intelligent she is now.  She is bright and beautiful, and eager to learn.

It is frightening to think that my personal beliefs and religious belief and the choices I have as a parent, could be infringed upon in this here country. “Experiencing and recovering from naturally-acquired measles may actually be, as our not so distant ancestors once commonly acknowledged, a good thing, because it confers much longer lasting superior immunity and is protective against infection that leads to complications later in life, when measles can be much more serious,” Barbara Loe Fisher says in a Dr. Mercola article.

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