Robust 4 year-old. No vaccines. Excellent health.

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Robust 4 year-old. No vaccines. Excellent health.

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My son was born to us very late in our fertile years. In fact, the doctor at the maternal fetal medicine ward was all but certain that either (a) my wife wouldn’t be able to carry him to term or else (b) he’d have some sort of genetic defects. He was conceived 100% naturally (the only “supplement” to get pregnant was lots of healthy, pastured eggs) and so we felt he was a miracle.  Doctors disagreed.  When she got pregnant at our advanced ages, the medical establishment just read her the statistics and clearly implied they didn’t think the baby was even going to survive the pregnancy.  (Maybe they were trying to sell us IVF down the road; that’s the only reason I can imagine they were so nasty to us in those first few months.)

The baby, my son, came out at 9 months and 5 days, perfectly healthy.  I (the father) hadn’t given too much thought to vaccines until late in the pregnancy.  When the OBGYN’s behaved like fanatical zealots in an attempt to get my wife to accept a bunch of vaccines while she was seven months pregnant, and when they made veiled threats to her when she politely declined their shots….I knew I had to figure out why vaccines made these medical professionals act like hysterical lunatics.  It took just a few days of research for me to conclude that the “diseases” vaccines supposedly saved people from were overwhelmingly benign, and that the “cure” was far worse than the disease.

Perhaps even more important than the technical research into vaccines and the diseases, I have eyes and I can simply look around at young people today.  It’s plain to see how unhealthy they are: the puffiness, the bloating, the androgyny, the lack of energy.  “Kids just don’t seem like kids, anymore.” I thought.  “So whatever everybody else is doing….we’ll just do the opposite.”

This, “Do the opposite of the establishment” mentality had served myself and so many others I know very well in the past, when most people I know disobeyed the US government’s “low fat, high carb” diet and instead switched to a high fat, low-sugar diet. So, the stunning transformation in people who ditch the government’s dietary edicts taught me medical experts are frequently wrong, perhaps even lying intentionally.

That “Do the opposite” mentality has served my son very well.  He’s the healthiest child I know.  He’s had 0 vaccines (although, to my regret, we did opt for the vitamin K shot, because I had no clue what that was) and he basically never gets sick.  He’s now almost four and a half.  He’s never had an ear infection, diarrhea, tonsillitis, colic, asthma, neuro-developmental disorders, or any of the other afflictions that virtually all other children we know endure.  In fact, he rarely even gets fevers.  He’s thrown up probably a total of 12 times in his life.  (He might have had the chicken pox or measles, though: He developed small spots all over his torso when he was three.  Along with a mild fever, the spots came and went in three days.  We didn’t even have time to take him to a doctor or worry before it was gone.)

A quick anecdote: Soon after he was born, my wife and I quickly pulled my son from the clinic that was zealously pushing vaccines and instead found a good Christian pediatrician (with a huge family of his own).  They’re about an hour away, but we made the switch because his practice’s policy is to offer vaccines, but not to promote them.  So on our first visit to his practice, we told the initial nurse we were opting out of vaccines.  A few minutes later, the good pediatrician sits down, looks at his chart and says, “So it says here you’re declining vaccines.”

We firmly say, ‘That’s right.”

The doctor looks back over his shoulder and makes sure nobody in the hall can hear him.  He leans in and whispers, “That’s good.”

So clearly, many doctors and nurses know vaccines are damaging kids more than helping, they’re simply too bullied to admit it publicly.

We’ve largely raised him according to the Weston Price Foundation’s recommendations, although we’re certainly not ultra-strict in adhering to it.  When he’s at a birthday party or it’s a special occasion, it’s fine if he sneaks in some junk food.  But by and large, we make sure he gets plenty of rich, hearty foods (including raw milk) and I think that his rich, traditional diet has also been why he’s been so healthy.

But I feel confident saying that the single biggest factor that’s made him such a robust and healthy child has been keeping him free of vaccines.  Vaccines are poisons intended to harm children, in my opinion.

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  1. Penny

    I totally agree with all of your philosophies and raised my children much the same. Sadly, common sense isn’t so common any more. In it’s place, we have irrational fear mongering and the constant barrage of misinformation (like your wife would automatically lose the baby because she was older… stupid and irrational). In my opinion, medical professionals have become FAR too nervy and pushy. They need to be put back in their place where they belong….as a provider of a service that you are paying for!! Nothing more.

    1. Ita

      Penny – a better solution is to seek functional health practitioners & to study health with the REAL science revealed by Drs. Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza and many others. “Sick care” doctors are ignorant about human health & well being. We are better off with no doctor than using them.

      1. Tamara

        Apart from a few panics with a few moments with my kids, really all we learnt so far especially with the second and third child who are not vaccinated, was that we don’t need most of their medicines and diagnoses
        It’s great to have a thorough evaluation but better to have it with a doctor who as you said is functional or in Australia, integrative is better because functional doctors still use a large amount of mainstream medicines!

  2. Cnico

    I read two new accounts of 2 month old infants killed by multiple vaccines in the past 3 days. I am so glad to read your story! Awesome parenting. So glad you found a “woke” foc. So many are just plain and simple middle men/women for the pharma cartel. It is truly mind-boggling. So thank you. Gives me a slight sliver of hope.

  3. Heather Kovac

    Terrific article! We have two sons (23 and 16 years) that are vaccine-free. We fed them an organic vegetarian diet and they were hardly ever sick! We had to bring them to “wellness (Vaccine) check-ups because they were both adopted from birth. The nurse practitioner would always say “keep doing what you’re doing because they are thriving” and then “bring them here whenever they’re sick”. I would always say “they never get sick except for the occasional, rare cold”. Then she would tell me that once they started going to school they would get sick frequently. Never happened. They always got the rubber bracelets for perfect attendance every month!

  4. I loved reading the success of your son and so glad you guys stood your grounds. I have 4 unvaccinated children and they are all doing well.
    Yes I’ve been bullied by Dr.s and nurses for my decision but it made me stronger in standing for what I believed was the right thing for my child.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Gerardo Martinez

      God bless you and your family. Keep holding your ground. Very few doctors have ever helped us, but two have and they both were over 70 years and both stated most doctors now a days our robots who can’t think on their own. So sad ?

  5. Ita

    Thank you Larry for your dedication to the truth & educating us all on how the medical/Industrial paradigm has duped us all disconnecting humans from living optimally healthy & productive lives on every dimension. I love this site and will promote it to all my contacts.

    I’ve studied under revolutionary mama – Carla Atherton of the Healthy Family Formula who is ambitiously empowering every parent with authentic REAL science based knowledge & tools to raise our generation with phenomenal health & well being.

    Please encourage your fans to check out her HFF practitioner training program as well as her 4th mind blowing Children’s Health Summit airing online May 13-23.

    With loving connections between us all – those immoral ones promoting a damaged world & populace will soon fade away from our awesome planet as they endure their karma.
    G-d bless you & ALL your fans!

  6. Jacqueline Lane

    Yes he is healthy for the time being because everyone else around him has been vaccinated! He is benefiting from herd immunity. Since when is polio a benign disease. I feel sorry for this child. Parents need to get educated by people who are educated in this and not think they can know everything reading from the internet. Sad state of our society.

      1. LV

        Don’t get angry, educate! This is far too aggressive. What we are trying to teach will not be heard if we treat each other like this. You will get the opposite of what you want! We have to act responsibly and intelligently, and spread compassion.

    1. Erica

      Jacqueline-Your comment lacks common sense. Entirely. The question remains, “why are you even on this page if you aren’t in support of the mission?” You’re negativity will eventually make YOU unhealthy. Encourage, don’t discourage.

    2. E.White

      Ms Lane, you need to actually study this subject before presenting such useless cliches… herd immunity is relevant only to those who actually catch the wild type disease… no such thing as ‘vaccine induced’ herd immunity…. Look up Primary and Secondary vaccine failure as well as ask your adult friends if they are current with their vaccines… they won’t be.
      Unvaccinated children are far more healthy than vaccinated children. And finally you know zero about polio as well… you are the problem at the moment, do something about that.

    3. Frank A Smith

      Jacqueline Lane … As a father of 7 (eldest 51, youngest 39) , grandfather of 15 (eldest 26, youngest 3) none of which ever vaccinated and in my eyes are far above average health in their age groups…. So, how long is your “for the time being” herd immunity considered valid ??? Just askin…

    4. AG

      Jacqueline Lane, almost anyone who has done any research into vaccines’ safety and efficacy claims is more educated in this than most doctors. Do you happen to know what they teach in med school? I do. Have you read books written by medical doctors who have looked into these issues, or the true history of diseases? Clearly not, nor have you seen loved ones suffer a severe vaccine side effect/injury, I doubt. I could list at least half a dozen published books by doctors that are very good at educating people on this issue. I’d recommend you read Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ Dissolving Illusions, which shows the decline of mortality rates from the various diseases. Her youtube lectures on immunity are wonderful too. She has discussed also the lack of education on vaccines in med school.

    5. Larry Cook Admin

      You make ZERO SENSE Jacqueline. “Health” is not created by vaccine induced “herd immunity.” If that were the case, then eating crap food but hanging around fully vaccinated kids would create health. HEALTH is created by not poisoning a child with vaccines and chemical products while giving the child excellent nutrition, love and playtime.

    6. Tim

      Just some info from IPOL insert in regards to most polio never showed a symptom. “Approximately 90% to 95% of poliovirus infections are asymptomatic. Nonspecific illness with low-grade fever and sore throat (minor illness) occurs in 4% to 8% of infections. Aseptic meningitis occurs in 1% to 5% of patients a few days after the minor illness has resolved. Rapid onset of asymmetric acute flaccid paralysis occurs in 0.1% to 2% of infections, and residual paralytic disease involving motor neurons (paralytic poliomyelitis) occurs in approximately 1 per 1,000 infections. ” Just sharing. But this insert is listed on the internet…still untrue? Link to IPOL insert if you would like to verify :

      1. Tim, thank you for the link. That is exactly the kind of thing we need more of. Most people think that polio ravages everyone who is exposed to it.

        I am an integrative veterinarian and I advocate minimal vaccination. I believe my patients are healthier for it.

        This is such a great forum. Kudos to everyone here for standing strong! Kenny

        1. Carol Taylor

          Thank you for helping your animals stay healthy. What is happening to the children is even worse happening to the animals. Dog cancer rates are 1 in 1.67. Cats are vaccinated in the tail or paw so we can cut it off when it becomes cancerous. Is that insane or what? I want to start the same discussion around what we are doing to our beloved companions. As pet parents we have the same responsibility to maintain their health as we do for our human children.

  7. Bigm

    Same here. 2 children never one single poison rape jab. NEVER GET SICK. People on the street are constantly telling my wife and I how well behaved they are. That’s because all the other children are massively damaged. The system is attempting to force vaccinate as many are awakening to the vaccine fraud. If the vaccine free children could get to 5%+ it is going to be obvious how much healthier the unvaccinated children are to even the most pathetic slave. All of history is a pathetic like. This subject is just going to keep waking up more to our controllers constant lies. I’m working every hard to leave America soon.

    1. Marni

      Bigm, I hear you! I’ve subscribed to International Living’s emails and am searching other countries. I worry, however, that we’ll go to the trouble of moving overseas and then the WHO will begin pushing vaccines worldwide as badly as America does. Right now we live in Colorado, and there’s a bill getting pushed through here that would take away some exemptions, and force parents of vaccine-injured children who have exemptions, like myself, to enter a database and be tracked, bullied and counseled. I picked up and moved from Indiana 18 years ago and never thought I’d want to leave here. I’d love to know if you’ve found any promising countries!

  8. MAJ. Jesse Carnes

    All … check out Dr. Russell Blaylock, a Christian, who simply lectures now, but was a Pediatric Neuro-Surgeon and pioneered surgical procedures still in place today. Check out his videos on YouTube. He explains WHY vaccines are BAD, at the Neurological-level, including why repeated hypo-Sticks ACTIVATE your Microglia cells [your body’s 1st line of neurological Defence]. I have one of his papers, which I edited for freshman college level from post-Doc level. Russell explains WHAT the Big Pharma leviathan is REALLY up to. Blaylock is the man to consult!

  9. Leslie

    What a sweet little guy you have! We stopped midway on the vaccines for our 38 year old so his 4 younger siblings had none. His 2 older sisters have had the most health challenges including Crohn’s auto-immune that the doctoring almost killed our oldest! Her cousin with the same baby doctor also almost died from an auto-immune disorder. They were born 3 months apart…same batch of vaccines? Hmmm, I finally saw an article “MMR causing Crohn’s in Babies”!!
    I knew our kids got healthier as we went along and I just attributed it to us learning and doing more with our food but you have made me think that the vaccines probably set our oldest kids back!. I am so grateful that none of our 22 grandchildren have been vaccinated and definitely eat healthier diets than most kids.
    Keep standing firm everyone!


    I agree entirely, I raised my son the same way, managed to avoid the vit K shot as well. He had chicken pox (caught deliberately and treated with lavender oil in the bath, it didn’t worry him at all, the spots were a present from Father Christmas.) Like your son, he was always strong and robust, physically and physiologically. He was NEVER put in a pram or stroller, he crawled, toddled and walked until he was too tired and asked to be carried. He spent a lot of time from 6 months on the front of my saddle while exercising horses, and then on his own pony, these 2 things developed his core muscles and amazing balance and strength.

    Although very slight he was very fast and strong, playing 1st team rugby from 8 years old, and playing 1st team Rugby for a major public school in his teens . He never had any physical fear, thinks and acts independantly. He is now 24, about 6’3″ very strong and lean, incredibly healthy with amazing stamina and enjoying life to the full.

    From 5 years old I could tell which of his classmates were vaccinated, the ‘light had dimmed in their eyes, and the spring gone out of their step.’

    The awful thing is, this comparison can hardly ever be seen because almost all children are subject to chemical assault – there are so few natural children to compare to.

    So very sad.

  11. Lilla

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story! I am happy there are actually a lot of parents out there who consciously CARE about their children.
    My gorgeous son is turning 7 in two months, and is vaccine-free (except the vit.K), I have to admit He has been through illnesses and infections, but He ALWAYS recovered super-quickly (in just 1 night with a 40 C fever-no medications!! 2-3 days from flu – compared to his mates whom it usually takes 10-15 days, 3 days from chicken pox, no fever, 1 afternoon from a diarrhoea that lasted a week for his friends, etc.) and is a generally healthy, very energetic little chum 🙂 I am quite a mature mom, had Him at 37, 1 month earlier than expected and worried my heart out because of all the horror stories people around me flooded me with. Nurses keep trying to scare me into vaccinating him, although his own body is the sheer evidence of how well the immune system can cope IF we let it do it’s job. So keep up, lovely mums and dads, don’t let yourself bully into poisoning your children, just carry on! 🙂 /my prayer goes out to those, who had been misled, and vaccine-damaged 🙁 /

  12. Jill

    So wonderful to read your story. This is a sad time in our history, rampant greed and corruption, and now they have zoned in on the children. Trying to take away their mental and physical capacities…wonder why? Could it be a sicker, less intelligent population is easier to control and bully?

    1. ARJAY

      I should add that I believe both my children were vaccine damaged. We opted out of vaccines as soon as we realized we could.

      My wife had a vaccine reaction (damage) that she still has a problem with almost 30 years after a flu/pneumonia vaccine, received as an adult!

  13. Richard

    My kids were born from 1981 to 1986 in Australia. 3 kids who were vaccinated because we were uneducated but they only had 3×3 vaccines. Then we moved to a country location and fed them wholesome food, clean environment and water. Result is healthy kids. Now being educated I advocate against vaccines. Unfortunately it is a battle.

  14. Elise

    I love finding like-minded people when it comes to vaccines and nutrition! It’s so good to hear of your son’s wonderful health. We also had our baby very late (I’m in my early forties) and exactly because of all the fear mongering opted for having her at home with a midwife. When she was born, both the midwife and her assistant marveled at how healthy her placenta was. Of course we also opted out of vaccines and refused to sign any papers stating so. She’s almost 5 months now and as healthy as can be and on top of all growth charts. No even a cold so far. If natural nutrition and lifestyle were good for our parents and grandparents, it’s good for our kids!

  15. ED

    I’m eighty in July. Born 1939 and raised on two eggs on toast for b’fast daily during school years. Free-range and home-grown veg. Still pretty fit, healthy, pain-free. The only vac I had was the sugar-lump polio thing at school and not asked for permission. Mum would not allow any of we 3 kids to be vaxxed, and we had childhood illnesses. We never get colds or flue (touch wood). Lots of outdoor activity and exercise walking to school and phys ed etc. Gave the beer and wine a battering in my forties too!

  16. Larry Cook

    Over on Stop Mandatory Vaccination I used a Facebook Comment system, but it got buggy after a few years. I tried something new: Thrive Comments, which allows for up votes/down votes and a couple other perks. I am happy to see the voting system working perfectly! I look forward to more stories being shared on this website so parents will know why to go vaccine free.

  17. AJ Hollis

    The suggestion that there is perhaps malevolent intent in many government backed health recommendations. Case in point. Australia mid 1990s a massive study was done to establish the cause of the growing problem of blindness caused by Macular degeneration.
    The study proved conclusively that vegetable oils an particularly Canola (rapeseed) oil were by far the major culprits in the increase in this degeneration. The toxicity in these oil were causing the micro blood vessels in the macular to rupture and cause irreversible damage.
    Within days of this high profile report being made public the war crimes government of John Howard quashed it stating the Government has going to start it’s own study, that never was heard of again.
    After just a few weeks all of the current affairs programmes pushed the “good oil” as anti cholesterol fighting healthy oil. These oils are so toxic that they do clear out cholesterol like a solvent pipe cleaner.
    They don’t only destroy the micro vessels in the back of the eye, also throughout the brain. They in fact one the most major reasons for the huge increase in early onset dementia. A fact that our governments are entirely aware of.

  18. Rumi

    My 6 yr old is unvaccinated and he is extremely healthy. He’s never had to see the pediatrician for anything. He has has an ear infection but I used ear oil and it went away. He rarely gets colds or gets sick. I would have it no other way kids are too sick and in poor health keep vaccines away. I do not get them or my other kids. None of us has had a flu shot and I have had swine flu twice and lived I contributed it to no vaccines I had as a child and no flu shots for me

  19. Melinda

    Thanks for sharing your story! I have five healthy children that have never been exposed to the vaccine story. I knew 20 years ago that the “cure”could never outweigh the risk of injection of the poison. I have spent the last 20 years guiding and nurturing my children to be informed on the façade of what vaccines really are. And I knew 20 years ago that people would start to wake up and it’s so empowering to share these stories and uplift each other on the choices that we know are true. I always believed that we were developing a new race of children. Children that were able to clearly think and be in respect of their bodies. So that we can help others that get caught in the lies. Together we can be a force for good. Bless all of you ! Stand tall in your truth♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  20. Lilykat

    Everyone who has animals especially dogs should read Dr Schwartz paper regarding the distemper shot. You can find it at the website Dogs Naturally. It explains how the vaccine creates antibodies that attack the joints in the hind legs that eventually leaves the dog immobile. Big Pharma went after him to shut the study down. Truly sickening !! Vaccines are destroying so many animals.

    I don’t have children but I have researched vaccines for 4 years because I was baffled as to why our population was getting sicker than ever. Armed with more knowledge than most physicians, I take great honor in educating as many people as possible. I work in a very busy store so I am able to speak with a lot of people. My co-workers feel the same and love when we all share a great conversation together about vaccine prevention. We are on this beautiful Earth to help each other.

    Also, my aunt worked in the autism dept at the University Nebraska Medical Center and they all knew that vaccines were causing autism. Even before the secret CDC meetings. Makes me angry to think about how many precious lives we could have saved since then ! :((((((((

  21. Evix

    Hi all just wanted to share too that my son 2 yeaes and 4 months completely vax free very healthy and robust most people comment how calm and good he is. He is not hyper active or demands. He is very gentle and effectionionate. I am in UK where vaccines are for now optional but remember a doctor being very angry with me at 3 months visit when declaring my decision not to vaccinate. We are lucky some Europeans countries are now taking firm stand against anti vaxxer parents (fines, children cant go to nurseries and school trips ) but they are fighting back. I will definately not vaccinate again i see my child thriving and it is sad to hear how many kids are victims without even knowing. I even think i am a victim since i had autoimune disease. I am fine now but it makes you wonder. Btw we had chicken pox and only 25 spots ☺

  22. Tamara

    Wow I really enjoyed reading this story and how it was written. It’s so great and refreshing to see others who can really think, I wish I had been a thinker when I had my first but learnt from thatfor my second and third child and I agree there’s is a whopping huge difference between vaccinated and not vaccinated. I truly hope to hear more positive stories like this and hope this child also chooses to be a thinker when he grows up. Congratulations to the parents for their success’against the odds’.

  23. Annie

    Thank you for sharing! My son is 2 and a half, no vaccines, never sick also raised by nourishing traditions! He is so vibrant and healthy we are blessed. My biggest regrets are that all the unnecessary interventions at the hospital led to me needing a c section so he didnt get seeded with my flora in the birth canal, also he was given the vit K shot against my wishes while i was recovering and then his dad wanted him circumcised, which i really regret after researching. He went to the doc a few times as a baby, also a doc who knows vaccines are not good, but hasnt been in over a year. He still breastfeeds a lot and i try to incorporate many fermented foods! Great to hear stories like ours, many friends and kids around us vax heavy and are unwell/ delayed AND we have to keep a secret we don’t vax! Crazy world…

  24. Martina

    Vaccines are nothing but poisons my first child was vaccined which I regretted allowing poisons injected on my son the vaccines has not done anything good but turned him upside down my second child is unvaccinated she’s completely well and healthy! say NO to dangerous vaccines

  25. Gerardo Martinez

    Amen to this family. Our son Sam was damaged by his first and only MMR and lost his speech and his GI issues began. We lost him to autism.
    When younger brother Jeremiah was born we made Parental choice not to vaccinate. 9 years later he is so healthy. No allergies, no asthma, no autism, perfect health. Keeps getting perfect attendance awards at school. His vaccinated classmates, have so many health issues! We are now exvaxxers for life .

  26. Debbie

    My first son was born in 1978– so he got a couple of single vaccines until I realized that the only time he got sick was after his well Baby checks— and at 12 months we stopped going. I also read “Shot in the Dark”. There was no going back after that. My next three children born at home are all not vaccinated and all four raised without antibiotics or Tylenol. Homeopathy was our medicine of choice. My kids were all very healthy and bright and exceptional in many ways. Not very many kids were not vaccinated back in those days. Now I have 9 grandchildren — 7 are vaccine free. They are all healthy — however the two that are vaccinated do have some allergies and eczema and one suffered with depression. The others have no chronic conditions. Non of them are autistic or have any developmental delays. Some will say it is luck. No.. it is not luck. My grandkids only have one vaccinated parent. The detrimental affects of vaccines are carried from generation to generation—- so that is another reason why there are more and more vaccine damaged children today. Anyone born after 1986 have been subject to the exponential increase in vaccines and adjuvants and antibiotics that have damaged their immune systems. They are now having children and are passing all that damage on to their children. It is alarming to see all the chronic conditions and developmental delays and learning problems and autism of so many of the kids that are the same age as my grandkids. It is very alarming…. in so many ways. Unknowingly parents have given responsibility of their child’s health to doctors and big pharma. And most parents don’t even realize this. They have been brainwashed—and no longer trust their parental intuition. This issue of health liberty and freedom and choice are crucial to our basic freedoms of the first amendment. We must protect this freedom. Parents— keep advocating for your child!
    Vaccines are damaging so many children. These children are our future!!!

  27. Dee Shelton

    Come back and say that when he 18. I was able to raise vaccine free children all the way through school but it’s getting harder and harder all the time. I was able to use the religious exemptions for them. I pray that you’re able to as well.

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